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Paint spraying for kitchen units, cabinets, drawers, doors, plinths and full kitchen redecoration near Tunbridge Wells

We provide professional kitchen spraying services in Tunbridge Wells and throughout West Kent and Maidstone.
I have 30 years industry experience and have spent the last 10 years specialising in respraying kitchens, household and office furniture.

We can conduct the work on site or remove items such as kitchen cabinets, units and doors and respray them in my fully equipped spray shop before returning and reinstalling them.

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Complete Kitchen Redecoration

What are the benefits of kitchen spraying?

Having your kitchen professionally resprayed by Kent Kitchen Sprayers can transform the look of your home at a fraction of the cost of a replacement kitchen.

Any colour and sheen is available to suit your tastes and new door handles and drawer and cabinet handles give your kitchen a totally new look and feel.

What is the process for a kitchen respray and renovation?

Kitchen spraying, remodelling and refurbishment begins with a discussion with my customers so that we all have a clear vision for the project, understand what is to be achieved and how that will be carried out.

It is of vital importance that customers and the kitchen spraying company have a clear understanding of the painting and decorating / refinishing project.

My priority at all times is to complete any work quickly and effectively and do so in the least obtrusive manner possible. I do not cause my customers unnecessary disruption or inconvenience.

Kitchen spraying and redecoration in Kent – Project Preparation

• Floor and working area protected with sheets and polythene coverings

• When doing spray work on site the kitchen area is completely sealed off

• Industrial extractors are used to remove all dust and spray particles

• All surfaces cleaned and degreased

• Door / drawer fronts and plinths are removed for working on in the workshop

Kitchen Respraying

This may just involve painting kitchen units and cabinets

Complete Kitchen Redecorating

This is likely to be a more extensive project also including kitchen doors, walls, ceilings and woodwork. We will also discuss colour schemes and spray finishes, and if required, new door, drawer and cabinet handles will be chosen and agreed upon.

This describes the bulk of the preparatory work that is necessary before the spraying process can begin

  • All metalwork, handles, hinges etc are removed
  • Any damaged units, doors and drawers are repaired
  • Any existing lacquer is removed
  • All surfaces are then thoroughly cleaned and sanded

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